Wreckreation puts control in your hands

Three Fields Entertainment’s pedigree as a racing game title is unmatched (in a previous life they were responsible for the Burnout titles) and Wreckreation is their next racing sandbox. We’ve known that customization and track creation will be a huge focus, but at last week’s THQ Showcase they released a new trailer showing how deep and collaborative the customization can be!

Create your dream course by yourself or collaborate with friends to create some chaotic roadways. Even if you’re cruising through the track, you can quickly add and remove elements until everything is to your liking. While I am an uncreative lout, I hope there’s a gallery/sharing function so I can get some zany driving done.

Wreckreation will be coming to Steam soon, wishlist now so you’ll be informed as to when the Mixworld is finally open!

Wreckreation | Showcase 2023 Trailer:

Wreckreation | Showcase 2023 Trailer

So, you can build all this? Alone or with friends? It doesn’t matter if it’s ramps, loops, or any other obstacle; the only limit is your imagination. Not happy with your car? Customize it! Not happy with the music? Customize it! Not happy with the track mid-race? You know where this is going…

Wreckreation is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.