Explore the world of art in a very literal way in Tenebris Pictura

No one could ever accuse Pentadimensional Games of lacking in ambition. Six years ago they released Megaton Rainfall, wherein they basically allowed you to be Superman (albeit in a way that was kind of frustrating). Now they’ve announced they’re making their return at the end of August with Tenebris Pictura, where you…do something involving jumping in and out of paintings and fighting ghosts and aliens, as far as I can tell.

Clearly, the newer game doesn’t have the same snappy elevator pitch that made it so easy to describe Megaton Rainfall. But based on the game’s trailer, Tenebris Pictura would seem to have the advantage of being a more fully-formed game. It’s not entirely clear how it all works, but you seem to be jumping into paintings, solving puzzles, and engaging in crazy fights with aliens and ghosts.

We won’t have long to wait until everything gets a little more focused, at least: Tenebris Pictura comes out on August 31st for PS4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PC (Steam and Epic Games Store).

Tenebris Pictura - Announcement Trailer