Sony’s Access Controller for PS5 gets a release and pre-order date

I’m relatively able bodied, but Sony’s Access Controller for PS5 is something that has piqued my interest even if it wasn’t explicitly designed for someone like me. The controller is meant to open up a new world of experiences for those who might not be able to utilize standard controllers.

Featuring a modular design you can figure the face buttons in any means you like, attach additional buttons, switches or triggers using the controllers 4 expansion ports. You can even pair an additional Access controller and/or a DualSense to create something akin to a battle station. The controller is configured on the system level, so you won’t find any titles which use standard controllers to be incompatible.

The Access Controller is set to ship on December 6th. However if you want to guarantee a unit it would be prudent to visit on July 21st to secure a pre-order. It will cost $89.99 USD. Full details and news regarding the controller can be found on the PlayStation blog.

Access Controller – Features Trailer | PS5:

Access Controller - Features Trailer | PS5

The Access controller launches globally on December 6th, 2023. Pre-order your controller from July 21st, 2023.
Create new ways to play with this highly customizable controller kit for PS5 consoles, designed to help those with disabilities play games more comfortably, for longer.

Discover more about the controller’s flexibility and customizability by watching our features trailer.