Enter the Land of Law and Order in Genshin Impact 4.0

We started in the Land of Freedom with Mondstadt, found rigidity in the Land of Contracts with Liyue, caused change in the Land of Eternity in Inazuma, freed a god in the Land of Knowledge that is Sumeru, now on August 16th, the travelers of Genshin Impact will finally set foot in the Land of Justice, Fontaine when the title’s 4.0 update goes live.

Any time we are able to enter a brand new nation is a moment of celebration and with the gates open in this aquatic region, you’ll not only have lands to explore, but waters as well. As you will be able to traverse underwater while in the region. A land where legal proceedings are presented almost as entertainment, the cityscapes we have been privy to so far seems reminiscent of Venice, Italy.

The first set of characters originating from Fontaine is a trio of siblings. The eldest is Lyney, a pyro archer who’s one of the most famous magicians in the land. Lynette, the younger sister aids her brother’s performances, but is an Anemo swordswoman who excels at speed. Rounding off the trio is Freminet, a cryo claymore user who seems more at ease in the water than on land. Lyney and Lynette will be available in summon banners for the first half of version 4.0 with Yelan. Freminet will buoy about in the second half of 4.0 banners along with a returning Tartaglia and Zhongli. It’ll certainly be interesting to see everyone’s favorite Harbinger and best older brother is up to in this new land!

Along with the new region, this update will be adding enhanced lighting effects, gyroscopic control support and optimizations on the PlayStation platform. New additions applicable across all platforms will include new multi-layer maps, a re-tooled party setup and the feature I’ve been foaming in the mouth to see, increased inventory slots as well as more exchange Armor Set options in the Mystic Offering of the crafting bench.

Genshin Impact is a free to play action RPG that is available on PC, Android, iOS and the PlayStation platform. Its version 4.0 update will launch on August 16th.

Genshin Impact – Version 4.0 screens/art:


Version 4.0 “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason” Trailer | Genshin Impact:

Version 4.0 "As Light Rain Falls Without Reason" Trailer | Genshin Impact

The streets are gray, the fine drizzle like mist.
If you don’t understand the tricks, just sit back and enjoy the show.
But if the farce is all facade, why cry for no reason?

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